Accepted Submissions 2022

Poster Board ID: Title – Authors – Abstract (if camera ready)

1: Beyond Tabula Rasa: Reincarnating Reinforcement Learning – Agarwal, Rishabh; Schwarzer, Max; Castro, Pablo Samuel; Courville, Aaron; G. Bellemare, Marc
2: Real-time instance segmentation of object with mask approximation – Jodogne-del Litto, Katia; Bilodeau, Guillaume-Alexandre – Abstract
3: Fairness of machine learning in insurance – charpentier, arthur; Barry, Laurence
4: High-performing neural network models of visual cortex benefit from high latent dimensionality – Elmoznino, Eric
5: Joint Multisided Exposure Fairness for Search and Recommendation – Wu, Haolun; Mitra, Bhaskar; Ma, Chen; Diaz, Fernando; Liu, Xue
6: Explainable –  Sensible and Virtuous Workplace Chatbots, Huang, Gabriel; Becaert, Valerie; Vazquez, David
7: Tracking the risk of a deployed model with Partial Monitoring – Heuillet, Maxime; Lécué, Freddy; Durand, Audrey
8: Learning fair representation through implicit optimization path alignment – Shui, Changjian; CHEN, QI; Li, Jiaqi; Wang, Boyu; Gagné, Christian
9: Necessity and Sufficiency for Explaining Text Classifiers: A Case Study in Hate Speech Detection – Balkir, Esma; Nejadgholi, Isar; Fraser, Kathleen C.; Kiritchenko, Svetlana
10: Leveraging Activation Patterns to Define Classifiers Able to Detect and Reject Anomalies – Monteiro, Joao; Rodriguez, Pau; Noel, Pierre-Andre; Laradji, Issam Hadj; Vazquez, David
11: ÉVEILS : Detection of delirium using physiological parameters and hypovigilance monitoring: an observational cohort study Pilot – Giguère, Raphaëlle R; Witteman, William ; Noël-Hunter, Monia; Tran Tran, Bao; Côté, Émilie; Kopf, Maëlle; Gagnon, Jean-François; Duchesne, Simon; Després, Philippe; Archambault, Patrick
12: TACTiS: Transformer-Attentional Copulas for Time Series – Drouin, Alexandre; Marcotte, Étienne; Chapados, Nicolas – Abstract
13: Importance Sampling for Pseudo Ground-truth Extraction in Semi-weakly supervised Object Detection – Meethal, Akhil Pilakkatt; Perdigon Romero, Francisco; Zhu, Zhongwen; Granger, Eric; Pedersoli, Marco
14: A Greedy Algorithm For Building Compact Binary Activated Neural Networks – Leblanc, Benjamin; Germain, Pascal
15: Does Moral Code Have a Moral Code? Probing Delphi’s Moral Philosophy – Fraser, Kathleen C.; Kiritchenko, Svetlana; Balkir, Esma – Abstract
16: Direct Behavior Specification via Constrained Reinforcement Learning – Roy, Julien; Girgis, Roger; Romoff, Joshua; Bacon, Pierre-Luc; Pal, Chris J
17: Dynamic Transformer Network – Mersha, Amanuel N
18: Explaining by Example: A Practitioner’s Perspective – Brunet, Marc-Etienne; Hashemi, Masoud
19: A Planning based Neural-Symbolic Approach for Embodied Instruction Following – Liu, Xiaotian; Palacios, Hector; Muise, Christian
20: An Action-Induced Model through Active Inference with Variational Bounds and Optimization – Wang, Wenshuo; Zhang, Chengyuan; Sun, Lijun – Abstract
21: Local Prior Sensitivity Analysis with Gradient Descent Search for Nonparametric Bayesian Learning – Wang, Wenshuo; Sun, Lijun – Abstract
22: PrivFairFL: Privacy-Preserving Group Fairness in Federated Learning – Pentyala, Sikha; Neophytou, Nicola; nascimento, anderson; De Cock, Martine; Farnadi, Golnoosh – Abstract
23: ML for Automated Monitoring of Insects – Jain, Aditya; Rolnick, David; Cunha, Fagner; Bunsen, Michael; Larrivee, Maxim
24: Multi-object tracking with dual detection – Meilleur, Jacob; Bilodeau, Guillaume-Alexandre
25: Continual Learning with self-selecting specialized modules through expansion and pruning – Ostapenko, Oleksiy; Rodriguez, Pau; Lacoste, Alexandre; Charlin, Laurent
26: What will the robots write? Telling stories with language models – Trischler, Adam; Loisel, Gabrielle; Fine, Emery; Liao, Vera
27: GFlowNets for Multi-Objective Optimization – Raparthy, Sharath Chandra; Jain, Moksh; Rector-Brooks, Jarrid; Bengio, Yoshua; Miret, Santiago; Bengio, Emmanuel
28: A Critical Timeline of AI in Montreal – Sterne, Jonathan; Stevens, Yuan; McCrory, Laine
29: Adaptation –  Comparison and Practical Implementation of Fairness Schemes in Kidney Exchange Programs,St-Arnaud , William; Carvalho, Margarida; Farnadi, Golnoosh – Abstract
30: FETA: Fairness Enforced Verifying –  Training, and Predicting Algorithms for Neural Networks,Mohammadi, Kiarash; Sivaraman, Aishwarya; Farnadi, Golnoosh – Abstract
31: Rethinking Optimizers and Continual Learning for Optimizing Industrial Mineral Value/Supply Chains Under Uncertainty – Yaakoubi, Yassine; Dimitrakopoulos, Roussos
32: Out-of-distribution generalization by minimizing out-of-distribution detection – Sahoo, Sabyasachi; Zhou, Fan; Pequignot, Yann Baptiste; Ngnawe, Jonas; Precioso, Frederic; Gagné, Christian
33: Privacy-Preserving Person Detection Using Low-Resolution Infrared Cameras – DUBAIL, Thomas; Guerrero Peña, Fidel A.; Medeiros, Heitor Rapela; Aminbeidokhti, Masih; Granger, Eric; Pedersoli, Marco
34: Toward Foundation Models for Earth Monitoring – Lacoste, Alexandre; Lehmann, Nils; Sherwin, Evan D; Kerner, Hannah R; Alemohammad, Hamed; Lütjens, Björn; Irvin, Jeremy A; Dao, David; Rodriguez, Pau; Drouin, Alexandre; Vazquez, David
35: GSV-Cities: Toward Appropriate Supervised Visual Place Recognition – Ali-Bey, Amar
36: Continual Learning by Hessian Aware Weights Perturbation – Zhou, Fan; Shui, Changjian; Sahoo, Sabyasachi; Wang, Boyu; Gagné, Christian
37: Geodesic Sinkhorn – Tong, Alexander Y; Huguet, Guillaume; Wolf, Guy; Krishnaswamy, Smita
38: S-LLM: Semi-Supervised Large Language Model for Chat Summarization – Laradji, Issam Hadj; madhusudhan, sathwik tejaswi; Marquez Ayala, Orlando E; Rodriguez, Pau; Vazquez, David
39: Data Augmentation for Intent Classification with Off-the-shelf Large Language Model – Sahu, Gaurav; Rodriguez, Pau; Laradji, Issam Hadj; Atighehchian, Parmida; Vazquez, David; Bahdanau, Dzmitry
40: DeepSky – Maquignaz, Ian; Gard, Aryan; Hold-Geoffroy, Yannick; Philip, Julien; Lalonde, Jean-Francois
41: Leveraging AI to Power Bionic Technologies for Upper Limb Amputees – Buteau, Etienne; Chamberland, Felix; Tam, Simon; Gosselin, Benoit
42: Mitigating Grooming with Federated Learning – Chehbouni, Khaoula; Caporossi, Gilles; Rabbany, Reihaneh; De Cock, Martine ; Farnadi, Golnoosh – Abstract
43: Deep Pixel-Level Detection of Synaptic Anomalies in 1 Super-Resolution Microscopy – Beaupré, Frédéric; Lavoie-Cardinal, Flavie; Gagné, Christian
44: Improving Meta-Learning Generalization with Activation-Based Early-Stopping – Guiroy, Simon; Pal, Chris J; Mordido, Gonçalo; Chandar, Sarath
45: Aligning MAGMA by Few-Shot Learning and Finetuning – Roger, Alexis; Layoun, Jean-Charles – Abstract
46: Constrained Sampling for Class-Agnostic Weakly Supervised Object Localization – Murtaza, Shakeeb; Belharbi, Soufiane; Sarraf, Aydin; Pedersoli, Marco; Granger, Eric – Abstract
47: Towards Democratic Fairness – Molamohammadi, Maryam; Le Roux, Nicolas; Farnadi, Golnoosh – Abstract
48: Multi-View Data Alignment – Duque, Andres; Lizotte, Myriam; Wolf, Guy; Moon, Kevin
49: Editable Indoor Lighting Estimation – Weber, Henrique; Garon, Mathieu; Lalonde, Jean-François
50: Topic Modelling of Open-ended Responses of Canadians to the Carbon Tax – Puelma Touzel, Maximilian; Harrison, Kathryn; Mildenberger, Matto; Lachapelle, Erick
51: Simplicial Embeddings in Self-Supervised Learning and Downstream Classification – Lavoie-Marchildon, Samuel; Tsirigotis, Christos; Schwarzer, Max; Vani, Ankit; Noukhovitch, Michael; Kawaguchi, Kenji; Courville, Aaron
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