Accepted Submissions – 2020


These correspond to the rooms and poster numbers in Gathertown.

Poster room 1 – Supervised Learning and Deep Learning

2. Deep Active Learning: Unified and Principled Method for Query and Training. Shui, Changjian*; Zhou, Fan; gange, christian; Wang, Boyu. Video. Poster.
9. Towards CNN Representations for Small MS Spectral Data Classification: From Transfer Learning to Cumulative Learning. seddiki, Khawla*; Droit, Arnaud . Video. Poster.
12. Lens design generation with a deep neural network. Côté, Geoffroi*; Lalonde, Jean-Francois; Thibault, Simon. Video. Poster.
14. Tracking and predicting COVID-19 radiological trajectory using deep learning on chest X-rays: initial accuracy testing. Gourdeau, Daniel*; Duchesne, Simon; Archambault, Patrick; Chartrand-Lefebvre, Carl; Dieumegarde, Louis; Forghani, Reza; Gagné, Christian; Hains, Alexandre; Hornstein, David; Le, Huy; Lemieux, Simon; Lévesque, Marie-Hélène; Martin, Diego; Rosenbloom, Lorne; Tang, An; Vecchio, Fabrizio; Potvin, Olivier; Duchesne, Nathalie. Video. Poster.
28. Bayesian active learning for production, a systematic study and a reusable library. Atighehchian, Parmida; Branchaud-Charron, Frederic*; Lacoste, Alexandre. Video. Poster.
31. Structured Convolutional Kernel Networks for Airline Crew Scheduling. Yaakoubi, Yassine*; Lacoste-Julien, Simon; Soumis, Francois. Video. Poster.
36. Toward Metrics for Differentiating Out-of-Distribution Sets. Abbasi, Mahdieh*; Shui, Changjian; Rajabi, Arezoo; Gagné, Christian; Bobba, Rakesh B. Video. Poster.
38. Shaping an input gradient landscape usable for image synthesis while training a deep classifier. Bordes, Florian*; Berthier, Tess; Di Jorio, Lisa; Vincent, Pascal. Video. Poster.
41. Predicting COVID-19 intervention outcome: A Quebec study. Gourdeau, Daniel*; Hains, Alexandre; Dieumegarde, Louis ; Archambault, Patrick; Chartrand-Lefebvre, Carl; Duchesne, Nathalie; Forghani, Reza; Gagné, Christian; Gagnon, Louis; Giguère, Raphaëlle; Hornstein, David; Le, Huy; Lemieux, Simon; Lévesque, Marie-Hélène; Martin, Diego; Nepveu, Simon; Rosenbloom, Lorne; Tang, An; Yiqun Yang, Issac ; Potvin, Olivier; Duchesne, Simon. Video. Poster.
48. Unraveling the neural signatures of dream recall in EEG: a deep learning approach. Kemtur, Anirudha*; Ghosh, Arna; Lajnef, Tarek; dehgan, Artthur; vallat, Raphael; eichenlaub, Jean-Baptiste; Ruby, Perrine; Jerbi, Karim. Video. Poster.
55. Scattering GCN: Overcoming Oversmoothness in Graph Conv. Networks. Min, Yimeng; Wenkel, Frederik*; Wolf, Guy. Video. Poster.
57. Recovering Petaflops in Contrastive Semi-Supervised Learning of Visual Representations. Assran, Mahmoud*; Ballas, Nicolas; Castrejon, Lluis; Rabbat, Mike. Video. Poster.
60. Evaluating Logical Generalization in Graph Neural Networks. Sinha, Koustuv*; Sodhani, Shagun; Pineau, Joelle; Hamilton, Will. Video. Poster.
76. Template-based Unseen Instance Detection. Mercier, Jean-Philippe; Garon, Mathieu*; Giguère, Philippe; Lalonde, Jean-Francois. Video. Poster.
77. Supervised Learning on Phylogenetically Distributed Data. Layne, Elliot I*; Dort, Erika; Hamelin, Richard; Li, Yue; Blanchette, Mathieu. Video. Poster.
88. Zoom Out: Using Thumbnails for Weakly Supervised Land Detection in Whale Population Monitoring. Simpson, Becks*; Gagne, Antoine; Charry Tissier, Emily; Charry, Bertrand. Video. Poster.
92. PatchUp: A Regularization Technique for Convolutional Neural Networks. Faramarzi, Mojtaba; Amini, Mohammad*; Badrinaaraayanan, Akilesh; Verma, Vikas; Chandar, Sarath. Video. Poster.
104. NeurDNet: A Deep Explainable Artificial Intelligent Approach for Neurological Disorders Discrimination. Shahtalebi, Soroosh*; Atashzar, S. Farokh; Patel, Rajni; Jog, Mandar; Mohammadi, Arash. Video. Poster.
105. Guided Attention For Fine-Grained and Hierarchical Classification. Kantor, Charles*; Rauby, Brice; Jehanno, Emmanuel; Boussioux, Léonard; Luccioni, Sasha; Talbot, Hugues. Video. Poster.
110. Exploiting ontological knowledge in deep learning, a case in diary production optimization . Martin, Tomas*; Diallo, Abdoulaye Banire; Valtchev, Petko. Video. Poster.
124. La-MAML: Look-ahead Meta Learning for Continual Learning. Gupta, Gunshi*; Yadav, Karmesh; Paull, Liam. Video. Poster.

Poster room 2 – Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing

1. Developing a core set of mobility domains among individuals with acquired brain injury (ABI): Empowering the creation of core outcome sets using natural language processing (NLP) . Alhasani, Rehab*; Godbout, Mathieu; Durand, Audrey; Ahmed, Sara. Video. Poster.
3. Sequence Modeling with Time-aware Large Kernel Convolutions. Lioutas, Vasileios*; Guo, Yuhong. Video. Poster.
11. Leveraging Subword Embeddings for MultinationalAddress Parsing. Beauchemin, David*; Lamontagne, Luc; Laviolette, François; Yassine, Marouane. Video. Poster.
15. Input Dropout for Spatially Aligned Modalities. de Blois, Sébastien SdeB*; Garon, Mathieu; Gagné, Christian; Lalonde, Jean-Francois. Video. Poster.
22. Self-supervised Robust Object Detectors for Merged Datasets. Abbasi, Mahdieh*; Gagné, Christian; Laurendeau, Denis. Video. Poster.
23. Sust-BERT: Identifying Climate Change in Financial Disclosures using Question Answering. Luccioni, Sasha*; Baylor, Emily. Video. Poster.
37. AN ANALYSIS OF OBJECT REPRESENTATIONS IN DEEP VISUAL TRACKERS. Goroshin, Ross*; Dwibedi, Debidatta; Tompson, Jonathan. Video. Poster.
39. Local Anomaly Detection in Videos using Object-Centric Adversarial Learning. Roy, Pankaj PRR*; Bilodeau, Guillaume-Alexandre; Seoud, Lama. Video. Poster.
44. Automatic Localization of Grasping Point on Trees. Grondin, Vincent*. Video. Poster.
53. High-Wire AI: Automated Robotic Inspection in Low-Data Environments. Peplowski, Alexander*; Lelièvre, Philippe; Bedwani, Jean-Luc; Beaudry, Julien; Bordes, Florian. Video. Poster.
54. Rain rendering for evaluating and improving robustness to bad weather. Tremblay, Maxime*; Halder, Shirsendu S.; de Charette, Raoul; Lalonde, Jean-Francois. Video. Poster.
58. A Question Answering System in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis. Bronzi, Mirko; Pinto, Jeremy; Ghosn, Joumana; Subakan, Cem*; Sharma, Prakhar; Lu, Xing Han; Reddy, Siva. Video. Poster.
62. Big Players: Emotion in Twitter Communities Tweeting about Global Warming. Drown, Dennis J*; Villemaire, Roger; Robert, Serge. Video. Poster.
63. Hurricast: Hurricane Forecasting with Computer Vision and Sequence Modeling. Boussioux, Léonard*; Guenais, Théo J; Zeng, Cynthia; Bertsimas, Dimitris. Video. Poster.
68. Weakly supervised learning for semantic segmentation of microscopy images. Bilodeau, Anthony*; Durand, Audrey; Lavoie-Cardinal, Flavie. Video. Poster.
71. RGB-D-E: Event Camera Calibration for Fast 6-DOF Object Tracking. Dubeau, Etienne*; Garon, Mathieu; Debaque, Benoit; de Charette, Raoul; Lalonde, Jean-Francois. Video. Poster.
89. Low-resource Neural Machine Translation: The case and challenges of Inuktitut. Le, Tan; sadat, fatiha*. Video. Poster.
97. A Robust Self-Learning Method for Fully Unsupervised Cross-Lingual Mappings of Word Embeddings: Making the Method Robustly Reproducible as Well. Garneau, Nicolas*; Godbout, Mathieu; Beauchemin, David; Durand, Audrey; Lamontagne, Luc. Video. Poster.
99. Using Temporal and Geographical Features for Butterfly Classification. Skreta, Marta*; Drapeau Picard, Andre-Philippe; Larrivee, Maxim; Luccioni, Sasha; Rolnick, David. Video. Poster.
101. Towards an Emotionally Driven Natural Language Generation. BELAININE, BILLAL BB; sadat, fatiha*; lounis, hakim; Boukadoum, Mounir. Video. Poster.
106. Learning Long-term Dependencies Using Cognitive Inductive Biases in Self-attention RNNs. Kerg, Giancarlo B*; Kanuparthi, Bhargav; Goyal, Anirudh; Goyette , Kyle; Bengio, Yoshua; Lajoie, Guillaume. Video. Poster.

Poster room 3 – Core Machine Learning

5. Towards a classification of behavioural equivalences in continuous-time Markov processes. Clerc, Florence*; Panangaden, Prakash; Chen, Linan. Video. Poster.
8. Lagrangian-based Dynamics for Game Optimization. Askari Hemmat, Reyhane; Mitra, Amartya*; Lajoie, Guillaume; Mitliagkas, Ioannis. Video. Poster.
10. PAC-Bayesian Binary Activated Deep Neural Networks. Letarte, Gaël*; Germain, Pascal; Guedj, Benjamin; Laviolette, François. Video. Poster.
13. Uncertainty based meta-optimization in few-shot learning. Kwon, Namyeong*; Na, Hwidong; Lacoste-Julien, Simon. Video. Poster.
19. Optimizing ANN Architectures using Mixed Integer Programming. ElAraby, Mostafa*; Wolf, Guy; Carvalho, Margarida. Video. Poster.
26. Associative Alignment for Few-shot Image Classification. Afrasiyabi, Arman*; Lalonde, Jean-Francois; Gagné, Christian. Video. Poster.
27. Metrics for Deterministic Weighted Automata. Utepova, Alika*; Panangaden, Prakash. Video. Poster.
29. How Different Are Lottery Tickets and the Pruned Solution?. Evci, Utku*; Dauphin, Yann; Keskin, Cem; Ioannou, Yani A. Video. Poster.
32. Minimax Theorem for Nonconcave-Nonconvex Games Played with Neural Nets. Gidel, Gauthier*; Czarnecki, Wojciech M; Balduzzi, David; Garnelo, Marta; Bachrach, Yoram. Video. Poster.
45. Differentiable Causal Discovery from Interventional Data. Brouillard, Philippe*; Lachapelle, Sebastien; Lacoste, Alexandre; Lacoste-Julien, Simon; Drouin, Alexandre. Video. Poster.
46. To Each Optimizer a Norm, To Each Norm its Generalization. Babanezhad, Reza*; Vaswani, Sharan; Gallego Posada, Jose D; Mishkin, Aaron; Lacoste-Julien, Simon; Le Roux, Nicolas. Video. Poster.
56. Simulated Hyperparameter Optimization for Statistical Tests in Machine Learning Benchmarks. Bouthillier, Xavier*; Delaunay, Pierre; Bronzi, Mirko; Trofimov, Assya; Nichyporuk, Brennan S; Szeto, Justin; Mohammadi Sepahvand, Nazanin; Raff, Edward; Madan, Kanika; Voleti, Vikram; Ebrahimi Kahou, Samira; Michalski, Vincent; Serdyuk, Dmitriy; Arbel, Tal; Pal, Chris J; Varoquaux, Gael P; Vincent, Pascal. Video. Poster.
59. Average-Case Acceleration Through Spectral Density Estimation. Scieur, Damien*; Pedregosa, Fabian. Video. Poster.
75. Principal Neighbourhood Aggregation for Graph Nets. Corso, Gabriele; Cavalleri, Luca; Beani, Dominique*; Lió, Pietro; Veličković, Petar. Video. Poster.
78. Evaluating the impact of lens profiles on depth estimation for wide-angle images. Buquet, Julie*; Zhang, Jinsong; Lalonde, Jean-Francois; Thibault, Simon. Video. Poster.
84. Hyperbolic Normalizing Flows. Bose, Joey*; Smofsky, Ariella; Liao, Renjie; Panangaden, Prakash; Hamilton, Will. Video. Poster.
94. Metric learning: cross-entropy vs. pairwise losses. Boudiaf, Malik*; Rony, Jérôme; Ziko, Imtiaz Masud; Granger, Eric; Pedersoli, Marco; Piantanida, Pablo; Ben Ayed, Ismail. Video. Poster.
95. MPCL: Multi-class N-pair Cosine Similarity for Deep Metric Learning. Shahtalebi, Soroosh*; Mohammadi, Arash. Video. Poster.
96. A Unification of Learning Paradigms for Continual Learning. Normandin, Fabrice; Rodriguez, Pau; Ostapenko, Oleksiy; Vazquez, David; Charlin, Laurent; Rish, Irina; Caccia, Massimo*. Video. Poster.
98. Geometric directional message passing in graph nets. Beani, Dominique*; Passaro, Saro; Létourneau, Vincent; Hamilton, William L; Lió, Pietro. Video. Poster.
107. Out-of-Distribution Generalization via Risk Extrapolation. Krueger, David*; Caballero, Ethan; Jacobsen, Joern-Henrik; Zhang, Amy; Binas, Jonathan; Le Priol, Remi; Courville, Aaron. Video. Poster.
108. NNGeometry: a PyTorch library for flawless handling of large Fisher Information Matrices and Neural Tangent Kernels. George, Thomas*. Video. Poster.
112. Scalable Stochastic Structured Variance-Reduced Gradients for Graph Embedding. Liu, Lewis*; Zhu, Zhaocheng. Video. Poster.
117. Implicit Regularization in Deep Learning: A View from Function Space. Baratin, Aristide*; George, Thomas; Laurent, César; Hjelm, R Devon; Lajoie, Guillaume; Vincent, Pascal; Lacoste-Julien, Simon. Video. Poster.
118. Effective Asynchronous Distributed Deep Neural Network Training for Large-Scale Recommender Systems. Liu, Lewis*; Zhao, Kun; Xu, Shizhen; Li , Yong. Video. Poster.
122. In Search of Robust Measures of Generalization. Dziugaite, Gintare Karolina; Drouin, Alexandre; Neal, Brady; Rajkumar, Nitarshan*; Caballero, Ethan; Wang, Linbo; Mitliagkas, Ioannis; Roy, Daniel M.. Video. Poster.

Poster room 4 – Reinforcement Learning and Others

16. Temporal Difference Couples Poorly with Deep Neural Networks. Bengio, Emmanuel*; Pineau, Joelle; Precup, Doina. Video. Poster.
17. Green Lighting ML: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of Machine Learning Systems in Deployment. Galinkin, Erick*; Gupta, Abhishek. Video. Poster.
20. Probabilistic Risk Awareness Can Reduce the Spread of Covid-19. Bengio, Yoshua; Maharaj, Tegan*; Weiss, Martin; Deleu, Tristan; Gupta, Prateek; Qu, Meng; Rahaman, Nasim; Schmidt, Victor; St-Charles, Pierre-Luc; Rish, Irina; Ortiz, Satya; Carrier, PierreLuc; Muller, Eilif B; Tang, Jian; Bilaniuk, Olexa; Schölkopf, Bernhard; Sharma, Abhinav; Alsdurf, Hannah; Buckeridge, David; Caron, Gaetan; Pal, Chris J; Williams, Andrew. Video. Poster.
25. LinBanditSum: Reframing Extractive Summarization as a Linear Bandit. Godbout, Mathieu*; Lamontagne, Luc; Durand, Audrey. Video. Poster.
30. Unsupervised identification of atypical medication orders: A GANomaly-based approach. Thibault, Maxime*; Snell, Pierre; Durand, Audrey. Video. Poster.
34. Metrics and continuity in reinforcement learning. Le Lan, Charline*; G. Bellemare, Marc; Castro, Pablo Samuel. Video. Poster.
35. An Analysis of the Adaptation Speed of Causal Models. Le Priol, Remi*; Babanezhad, Reza; Bengio, Yoshua; Lacoste-Julien, Simon. Video. Poster.
42. Estimating g-Leakage via Machine Learning. Romanelli, Marco*; Chatzikokolakis, Konstantinos ; Palamidessi, Catuscia; Piantanida, Pablo. Video. Poster.
43. Synbols: Probing Learning Algorithms with Synthetic Datasets. Lacoste, Alexandre*; Rodriguez, Pau; Branchaud-Charron, Frederic; Atighehchian, Parmida; Laradji, Issam Hadj; Caccia, Massimo; Drouin, Alexandre; Craddock, Matt; Vazquez, David. Video. Poster.
50. Extendable and invertible manifold learning with geometry regularized autoencoders. Morin, Sacha*; Duque, Andres F; Wolf, Guy; Moon, Kevin. Video. Poster.
51. Adversarial Example Games. Bose, Joey; Gidel, Gauthier*; Berard, Hugo; Cianflone, Andre; Vincent, Pascal; Lacoste-Julien, Simon; Hamilton, Will. Video. Poster.
52. Enforcing Fairness in Neural Networks via Counterexample-Guided Learning. Farnadi, Golnoosh*; Lacoste-Julien, Simon. Video. Poster.
69. Deep Interpretability for Gene-Wide Association Studies. ); Audrey Lemacon (Montreal Heart Institute); Marie-Pierre Dubé (Montreal Heart Institute); Joelle Pineau (McGill / Facebook). Video. Poster.
70. Anomaly Detection with Autoencoder Augmented GAN. Rafiee, Laya*; Fevens, Thomas. Video. Poster.
79. Neural representation and generation for RNA secondary structures. Yan, Zichao*; Blanchette, Mathieu; Hamilton, Will. Video. Poster.
80. Unsupervised Domain Adversarial Self-Calibration for Electromyographic-based Gesture Recognition. Côté-Allard, Ulysse*; Gagnon-Turcotte, Gabriel; Phinyomark, Angkoon; Glette, Kyrre; Scheme, Erik; Laviolette, François; Gosselin, Benoit. Video. Poster.
81. Phylogenetic Manifold Regularization: A semi-supervised approach to predict transcription factor binding sites. Ahsan, Faizy*; Drouin, Alexandre; Laviolette, François; Precup, Doina; Blanchette, Mathieu. Video. Poster.
82. Transfer learning improves genetic risk prediction for under-represented ethnic groups. Lu, Tianyuan; Xu, Yu; Grealey, Jason; Bzdok, Danilo; Greenwood, Celia; Inouye, Michael; Richards, Brent; Durand, Audrey*. Video. Poster.
87. What do we measure when we measure the ethics of AI systems? . Rismani, Shalaleh*; Moon, AJung. Video. Poster.
102. Data Efficient Reinforcement Learning with Self-Predictive Representations. Schwarzer, Max; Anand, Ankesh*; Goel, Rishab; Hjelm, Devon; Courville, Aaron; Bachman, Philip. Video. Poster.
103. Generalized Policy Gradient. Yan, Yutong*; Bacon, Pierre-Luc. Video. Poster.
109. Considering Assumptions of Emergent Communication. Noukhovitch, Michael*. Video. Poster.
111. Fair Kidney Exchange by Enumerating Optimal Solutions. Farnadi, Golnoosh; Babaki, Behrouz; St-Arnaud , William*; Carvalho, Margarida. Video. Poster.
116. RNA 3D Module Identification in Sequences with Structural Context Sampling. Sarrazin Gendron, Roman*; Yao, Hua-Ting; Reinharz, Vladimir; Gonzalez Oliver, Carlos; Ponty, Yann; Waldispuhl, Jerome. Video. Poster.

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