Accepted Papers – 2018

Oral Presentations

Deep Learning Method for Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles
Marc-André Gardner (Université Laval); Karol Lopez (Université Laval); Christian Gagné (Université Laval)

Fashion-Gen: The Generative Fashion Dataset and Challenge
Negar Rostamzadeh (Element AI); Seyedarian Hosseini (Element AI); Thomas Boquet (Element AI); Wojciech Stokowiec (Element AI); Ying Zhang (Element AI); Christian Jauvin (Element AI); Chris Pal (Element AI)

Deep Photovoltaic Nowcasting
Jinsong Zhang (Université Laval); Jean-Francois Lalonde (Université Laval)

Learning the Base Distribution in Implicit Generative Models
Cem Subakan (MILA); Sanmi Koyejo (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Paris Smaragdis (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Using Reward Machines for High-Level Task Specification and Decomposition in Reinforcement Learning
Richard Valenzano (Element AI); Sheila A. McIlraith (University of Toronto); Rodrigo A Toro Icarte (University of Toronto); Toryn Klassen (University of Toronto)

Transfer Deep Reinforcement Learning for Residential Energy Management
Di Wu (McGill University); guillaume rabusseau (McGill); Vincent Francois-Lavet (McGill University); Doina Precup (McGill University); Benoit Boulet (McGill University)

Parametric Divergences are Good Task Losses for Generative Modeling
Gabriel Huang (MILA); Hugo Berard (MILA); Ahmed Touati (MILA); Gauthier Gidel (MILA); Pascal Vincent (Université de Montréal); Simon Lacoste-Julien (University of Montreal)

A Variational Inequality Perspective on Generative Adversarial Networks
Gauthier Gidel (MILA); Hugo Berard (MILA); Gaëtan Vignoud (MILA); Pascal Vincent (University of Montreal); Simon Lacoste-Julien (University of Montreal)

Duckietown: a Platform for Teaching, Robotics and Machine Learning Research
Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert (MILA); Manfred R Diaz (MILA); Breandan M Considine (MILA)

Learning to Learn with Conditional Class Dependencies
Xiang Jiang (Imagia Cybernetics, Dalhousie University); Mohammad Havaei (Imagia Cybernetics)


Memory Augmented Asymmetric Self-Play
Shagun Sodhani (MILA); Vardaan Pahuja (University of Montreal)

The relativistic discriminator: a key element missing from standard GAN
Alexia Jolicoeur-Martineau (Lady Davis Institute)

Learning to Estimate Indoor Lighting from 3D Objects
Henrique Weber (Université Laval); Donald Prévost (Institut National d’Optique); Jean-Francois Lalonde (Université Laval)

Multi-View Decomposition Networks
Edward J Smith (McGill)

Overestimation Bias in Actor-Critic Methods
Scott Fujimoto (McGill)

Deep Photometric Stereo on a Sunny Day
Yannick Hold-Geoffroy (Université Laval); Paulo Gotardo (Disney Research); Jean-Francois Lalonde (Université Laval)

A Perceptual Measure for Deep Single Image Camera Calibration
Yannick Hold-Geoffroy (Université Laval); Jonathan Eisenman (Adobe Systems); Emiliano Gambaretto (Adobe Systems); Sunkavalli Kalyan (Adobe Research); Sunil Hadap (Adobe); Mathew Fisher (Adobe Research); Jean-Francois Lalonde (Université Laval)

Deep Sky Modeling for Single Image Illumination Estimation 
Yannick Hold-Geoffroy (Université Laval); Akshaya Athwale (Université Laval); Jean-Francois Lalonde (Université Laval)

Planning in Agent-Independent Dynamic Environments with Conditional Autoregressive Models
Johanna Hansen (McGill University)

Classifier-Agnostic Saliency Map Extraction
Konrad Tomasz Żołna (Jagiellonian University); Krzysztof Geras (New York University ); Kyunghyun Cho (New York University)

Generative Modeling of Structural Neuroimaging Data
Cem Subakan (MILA); Maitham Naeemi (Allen Institute for Brain Science); Julie Harries (Allen Institute for Brain Science); Sanmi Koyejo (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign); Eva Dyer (Georgia Tech)

MultiPoseNet: Fast Multi-Person Pose Estimation using Pose Residual Network
Muhammed Kocabas (Middle East Technical University); Salih Karagoz (Middle East Technical University); Emre Akbas (Middle East Technical University)

Towards Deep Conversational Recommendations
Samira Ebrahimi Kahou (Microsoft); Li Raymond (Polytechnique Montréal); Hannes Schulz (Microsoft); Vincent Michalski (Universite de Montreal); Christopher Pal (École Polytechnique de Montréal ); Laurent Charlin (University of Toronto)

Decoding Cognitive States Using the Bag of Words Model on fMRI Time Series
Güneş Sucu (Middle East Technical University); Emre Akbas (Middle East Technical University); Fatoş Yarman (ODTÜ)

Learning a Generic 6-DOF Object Tracker
Mathieu Garon (Université Laval); Denis Laurendeau (Laval University); Jean-Francois Lalonde (Université Laval)

Enterprise redemption: speech and natural language processing in privacy restricted environments
Arseniy Gorin (Behavox); Maxim Rud (Behavox); Alex Glasman (Behavox)

Analyzing Alzheimer’s Disease Progression from Sequential Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scans Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Sumana Basu (McGill University); Adriana Romero (FAIR); Konrad Wagstyl (University of Cambridge); Doina Precup (McGill University)

Learning Object Localization and 6D Pose Estimation from Simulation and Weakly Labeled Real Images
Jean-Philippe Mercier (Laval University); Chaitanya Mitash (Rutgers University); Philippe Giguere (Laval University); Abdeslam Boularias (Rutgers University)

How Transferable are Features in Convolutional Neural Network Acoustic Models across Languages?
Jessica AF Thompson (Université de Montréal); Marc Schönwiesner (Université de Montréal); Yoshua Bengio (Universite de Montreal); Daniel Willett (Nuance)

Maximal Jacobian-based Saliency Map Attack
Rey Wiyatno (Element AI); Anqi Xu (Element AI)

Hidden Technical Debts in Churn Prediction Systems
Nikhil Saldanha (Marax AI); Shivam Shakti (Marax AI); Raman Shrivastava (Marax AI)

Importance of Self-Attention for Sentiment Analysis
Gaël Letarte (Université Laval); Frédérik Paradis (Université Laval); Philippe Giguere (Laval University); Francois Laviolette (Laval University)

Causal programming: inference with structural casual models as finding instances of a relation
Joshua T Brulé (University of Maryland, College Park)

Semi-Supervised Extractive Summarization of Meeting Transcripts 
Hichem Mezaoui (IMRSV DATA LABS), Qianhui Wan(IMRSV DATA LABS), Isar Nejadgholi (IMRSV DATA LABS)

Tree Species Identification from Bark Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Mathieu Carpentier (Université Laval)

Negative Momentum for Improved Game Dynamics
Reyhane Askari Hemmat (MILA); Gauthier Gidel (MILA); Mohammad Pezeshki (MILA); Gabriel Huang (MILA); Rémi Le Priol (MILA); Simon Lacoste-Julien (University of Montreal); Ioannis Mitliagkas (University of Montreal)

Detection of Abusive Online Behaviour Using Multi-Label Classification
Isuru U.W. Gunasekara (IMRSV Data Labs); Isar Nejadgholi (IMRSV Data labs)

Multiple Kernel Learning based Transfer Regression for Electricity Load Forecasting
di wu (McGill); Boyu Wang (Princeton University); Doina Precup (McGill University); Benoit Boulet (McGill)

Controlling Over-Generalization and its Effect on Adversarial Examples Generation and Detection
Mahdieh Abbasi (Université Laval); Arezoo Rajabi (Oregon State University); Azadeh Sadat Mozafari (Université Laval); Christian Gagné (Université Laval); Rakesh B Bobba (Oregon State University)

Deep Learning for LWIR-RGB Image Registration
David-Alexandre Beaupre (Polytechnique Montreal); Guillaume-Alexandre Bilodeau (École Polytechnique de Montréal)

Multi-Branch Siamese Networks with Online Selection for Object Tracking
Zhenxi Li (Polytechnique Montreal); Guillaume-Alexandre Bilodeau (École Polytechnique de Montréal); Wassim Bouachir (TÉLUQ)

Clusterable Latent Spaces in Neural Networks
Kian R Kenyon-Dean (McGill University); Jackie Chi Kit Cheung (); Doina Precup (McGill University)

Object Detection of Road Users for Intelligent Transportation Systems
Hughes Perreault (École Polytechnique de Montréal); Guillaume-Alexandre Bilodeau (École Polytechnique de Montréal); Nicolas Saunier (Polytechnique Montreal)

Attentional Push: Shared Attention Modeling in Image and Video Saliency
Siavash Gorji (McGill University)

Revisiting Character-Based Neural Machine Translation with Capacity and Compression
George Foster (Google); Colin Cherry (Google)

Dopamine: A Framework for Flexible Reinforcement Learning Research
Pablo Samuel Castro (Google); Marc G. Bellemare (Google Brain); Carles Gelada (Google Brain); Subhodeep Moitra (Google, Inc.)

Multi-Order Non-linear Feature Combinations with Hierarchical Neural Message Passing
Shagun Sodhani (MILA); Jian Tang (U Montreal)

Fully-Automated Super-Resolution Optical Microscopy
Flavie Lavoie-Cardinal (Université Laval); Audrey Durand (McGill University); Theresa Wiesner (Université Laval); Louis-Émile Robitaille (Université Laval); Anthony Bilodeau (Université Laval); Marc-André Gardner (Université Laval); Paul De Koninck (Université Laval); Christian Gagné (Université Laval)

How to Raise Your MAML
Farshid Varno (Dalhousie/Imagia); Lisa Di Jorio (Imagia); Mohammad Havaei (Imagia); Stan Matwin (Dalhouise University)

Estimating the Number of Planting Microsites using UAV and Computer Vision
Houssem-Eddine Gueziri (McGill University); Wassim Bouachir (TÉLUQ); Rafik Gouiaa (Université de Montréal); Ikram Djafri (TÉLUQ); Nicolas Bélanger (TÉLUQ)

The Ineffectiveness of Common NLG Evaluations
Massimo Caccia (MILA), Lucas Caccia, William Fedus, Joëlle Pineau, Laurent Charlin

A ConvNet for Electromyographic Hand Gesture Classification using Transfer Learning
Ulysse Côté-Allard (Université Laval); Cheikh Latyr Fall (Nil); Alexandre Drouin (Université Laval); Alexandre Campeau-Lecours (Université Laval); Clement Gosselin (Université Laval); Kyrre Glette (Oslo University); Francois Laviolette (Université Laval); Benoit Gosselin (Nil)

A Single Framework for Domain Adaptation and Generalization in Medical Image Analysis
Pulkit Khandelwal (McGill University); Liqiang Ding (Imagia Cybernetics Inc.); Mohammad Havaei (Imagia)

A One-size-fits-all Bidirectional LSTM for Word Sense Disambiguation of Biomedical Text Data
Ahmad Pesaranghader (Dalhousie University); Ali Pesaranghader (University of Ottawa)

Generating Videos by Traversing Image Manifolds Learned by GANs
Joao B Monteiro (Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique); Isabela Albuquerque (Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique); Tiago H Falk (INRS-EMT)

Neural Network Solution for a Real-time No-reference Video Quality Assessment of H.264-encoded Videos
yasamin fazliani (McMaster University); Shahram Shiranin (McMaster University)

Embedding Prior Grammatical Knowledge for Reinforcement-Learning based Dialogue Systems
Simon Brodeur (Université de Sherbrooke); Jean Rouat (Université de Sherbrooke); Luca Celotti (Université de Sherbrooke)

Deep BioNLP for Definition-based Embedding of Gene Products and Functional Analysis of Genes
Ahmad Pesaranghader (Dalhousie University); Ali Pesaranghader (University of Ottawa)


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